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Date                              Location

Jul 24, 2018                              O'Fallon, Missouri

Aug 16, 2018                              Granite City, Illinois

Aug 16, 2018                              Saint Louis, Missouri (VenCafe)

Aug 22, 2018                              Sunset Hills, Missouri

Aug 28, 2018                              Maplewood, Missouri

Sep 5, 2018                                Private (Time Mastery for Teens)

Sep 7, 2018                                Saint Louis, Missouri (YMCA)

Sep 11, 2018                              Granite City, Illinois (GRMC)

Sep 20, 2018                              Saint Louis, Missouri

Sep 21, 2018 Chesterfield, Missouri

Oct 10, 2018                              Private (Confidence for Teens)

Oct 11, 2018                              Saint Louis, Missouri

Oct 19, 2018                              Columbia, Missouri (AIM Conf.)

Nov 1-2, 2018 Little Rock, Arkansas

Nov 15, 2018                              Webster Groves, Missouri

Nov 20, 2018 Saint Louis, Missouri

Jan 9, 2019 Shiloh, Illinois

   Leading a team of business executives (courtesy, Vidal Training Group)

Leading a team of business executives (courtesy, Vidal Training Group)

If your organization needs an inspirational keynote speaker on “Leadership”, book René Vidal!! He will challenge you and give you the keys to getting to the next level!!
— Lisa Nichols, CEO, Technology Partners
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Execute to Win: How Leaders Get Results

According to René, Execution is the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it's so powerful and so rare. The research is clear that the number one factor holding teams and organizations back from being their best is ineffective execution. In this Signature Keynote based on his latest book Execute to Win, your group will:

  • Drive results through the 10 Skills of Execution™

  • Develop a culture of execution

  • Assess current state of execution

  • Gain commitment and ownership

  • Design specific Execution Action Plans (EAPs)

The Art of Empowerment

Empowerment is true self-esteem, which inspired leaders give to themselves and others. In fact, empowering others is the greatest good a leader can do. The greatest leaders in history empower others every step of the way.

Yet, far too many leaders, teams, and organizations fall prey to authoritarianism, either/or thinking, addiction to winning, complacency, win-lose scenarios, conformity and outright cynicism.

In this signature keynote, your group will learn how to:

  • Sustain vision through difficulties and resistance

  • Empower others as they empower themselves

  • Create and convert opportunities for success

  • Build personal power and relationships to reach goals

  • Cultivate empathy and confidence for results

  • Identify and begin leveraging their top 3 strengths

  • Create a culture of trust and innovation

  • Develop and begin executing an EAP: Empowerment Action Plan


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