The #1 factor holding leaders back from being their best is ineffective execution.

Our proprietary Execute for Results™ experience offers a unique opportunity for leaders to develop the mindset, methodologies, and motivation to achieve excellence in execution.

The research is clear that the number one factor holding teams and organizations back from being their best is ineffective execution. Based on their book, Execute to Win, René Vidal and Steve Finkelstein provide you the principles, tools, and strategies to create a high-performance culture by executing for results.

Whether you choose the half-day or full-day program, the Execute for Results™ experience will create positive results for your organization.

Facilitated by René Vidal and Steve Finkelstein, you will:

  • Learn how to drive results through execution

  • Develop a culture of execution

  • Assess current state of execution

  • Gain commitment and ownership

  • Develop specific Execution Action Plans (EAPs)

For additional information and booking, e-mail rene@renevidal.com or call 314-452-1870.