Thank you for being AWESOME!
— Karen Greenwald, Granite City CEO Facilitator


If you want to maximize your leadership and personal performance, get mentored by someone who’s actually done it. René Vidal mentors no more than a dozen high performers each year, on the science of leadership psychology and winning habits of mental toughness.

Typical topics addressed are:

  • Staying Inspired

  • Optimizing performance

  • Increasing sales quickly

  • Advanced confidence techniques

  • Maintaining life balance

  • Getting more done faster

  • Stress reduction practices

  • Resolving staff problems

  • Creating an empowering vision

  • Winning psychology

  • Leadership growth strategies

  • Mental blocks

  • Health and well-being

  • Peak achievement

  • Communication mastery

  • Positive habits

René's focus is on creating exceptional returns in less time.

With over 25 years of proven leadership achievements, few leaders are more qualified to mentor top executives and performers on how to optimize performance, develop resilience, and create outstanding results.


René’s allocated time for mentoring is limited. Investment range: $3500 - $15,000. Serious inquiries only, please contact for details.

By working with René, I became an entrepreneurial machine, doubling my productivity and expanding our international business.
— David Snodgrass, CEO, UnBridled China
René helped me transition from juniors to the pros by significantly raising my mental game.
— Jesse Levine, ATP Professional Player