Write It Down, Make It Happen

“The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen.”—Lee Iacocca

You may have heard that billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson is no Virgin when it comes to note taking. Apparently, Branson carries a little pocket-pad with him wherever he goes.

High performance leaders practice extreme detail orientation.

My son Angelo, a college-bound student-tennis-athlete recently experienced the natural effects of  metaphorically “not writing things down.” In a match Angelo should have won, he instead ran out of gas for lack of hydration and preparation.

One of the rewards of journaling and being prepared is that it creates space between you and the problem. Like planting a seed and trusting in its natural evolution, writing things down also gives solutions room to grow.

Great leaders, teams, and organizations want serendipity on their side.

Don't complicate this.

Write it down. Make it happen.

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