The Key To Greatness


“Excellence is the gradual result of always getting better.”

—Pat Riley

When it comes to high performance, it’s better to be consistently good than to rely on spots of greatness.

In tennis, the latter are called “shot makers.” A shot maker occasionally makes a play that “moves the crowd.”

And while shot makers are fun to watch, you wouldn’t put your money on them in pressure situations. They’re too unpredictable.

As leaders, we want to be on a persistent upward climb, overcoming setbacks along the way while keeping our eyes on the goal.

Ultimately, we want to serve as a reliable source of strength, wisdom, and inspiration for the people we’ve been entrusted to lead, a proverbial “light on the hill” pointing the way.

Excellence is developed daily…not in a day.

Don’t settle for being a shot maker. Be consistently good.

That's the key to greatness.

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