9 Leadership Questions

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To receive better answers, ask a better question.

When your team faces a challenge, don't ask "Why us?" Ask, "How can we use this?" 

When you're brainstorming objectives for the next fiscal year, don't ask "How long will this take?" Ask, "How far can we go?"

Ask and you shall receive is a leadership principle you can hang your hat on.

#1: Do you have a plan for your leadership growth?

#2: Where’s your focus – on activity or on improvement?

#3: How do you get better as a leader?

#4: What’s your go-to strategy for overcoming obstacles?

#5: What would you attempt if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

#6: What’s next?

#7: How far can I go?

#8: What direction do we want to go?

#9: What’s the furthest you can imagine going?

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René Vidal