Leadership success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics.

In the Results Leader™ Coaching Program for CEOs, business owners, functional managers, and sponsored high-potential team members, René Vidal instills a new psychology and system so that you’re not simply managing activities, but executing your strategy for results and achieving your most important goals at lightning speed. 


    Yet many business leaders and professionals across industries are afraid to set ambitious goals because they think they'll be disappointed or fail.

    What they don't understand is this: whether or not you achieve a goal is not half as important as the kind of person you become in the process. In René Vidal's career acceleration program designed to optimize fulfillment, you will learn how to:

    • Set extraordinary, seemingly impossible goals

    • Leverage the power of chunking

    • "Get over" the past and charge ahead

    • Become a master communicator

    • Overcome fear and self-limiting beliefs

    • Take immediate, massive action and more...


    In the Productivity 100™ Coaching Program for entrepreneurs, CEOs, business leaders, sales professionals, and private individuals, René Vidal strengthens your productivity muscle, clearly identifying your outcome, grounding your purpose, and inspiring massive action on a daily basis. Utilizing the science of periodization and art of follow-through, René ensures your ability to remain agile and successful while you accomplish your big goal in 100 days or less!


    Top athletes who diligently train their minds ultimately play their best more consistently, experience greater enjoyment,and increase their odds of victory.

    As one progresses to the higher echelons of any sport, physical skills tend to balance out among competitors. How, then, does the athlete distinguish him/herself from the pack? The answer is mental toughness. "The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your results," says six-time NCAA tennis champion René Vidal, one of the nation's few premier leaders on performance psychology. "Training our minds as well as our mechanics and tactics was the primary driver behind our success at Boise State, Colgate, William & Mary, and Mississippi State," says Vidal. In this elite mental skills program for athletic excellence, you will: 

    • Set clear and challenging short- and long-term goals

    • Develop unwavering confidence in your abilities

    • Develop laser-like focus on and off the court or field of play

    • Develop the capacity to sustain a high-level of motivation throughout a long season

    • Develop positive habits to conquer all anxiety, frustration, and discouragement

    • Develop the power to bring your intensity to the next level when needed

    • Develop transferable skills for your life, career and more...


    Do you feel like you’re working so hard and still not attaining the results and fulfillment you deserve? Are you a leader who is frustrated with your team, unable to take the vision of what you want and make it real?




    Are you ready to take your career to the next level? How are you utilizing your gifts? Is it time to execute at a higher level? How can you maximize your inner potential?

    The greatest achievements in the world began with the same first step: the setting of a goal. 









    What if you could accomplish your #1 goal in 100 days? How good would it feel to know you had a proven accountability partner that won’t let you fail?

    Productivity is never an accident.







    Are you struggling with confidence, mental focus, or competitive anxiety? Do you occasionally choke under pressure, fail to close out opponents, or fall into a negative frame of mind?



    By working with René, I became an entrepreneurial machine, doubling my productivity and expanding our international business.
    — David Snodgrass, CEO, UnBridled China
    René helped me transition from juniors to the pros by significantly raising my mental game.
    — Jesse Levine, ATP Professional Player